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Smart technology and Mark Zuckerberg
2012-01-17 11:12:05 Company News 859

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has always liked toss, he built a Jarvis on his own, and let his Jarvis take on the responsibility of the family butler.

Every morning, when Zuckerberg gets up, Jarvis will tell him: Hey, Mark, today is Monday, you have five meeting agendas, the current room temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 ° C). As long as Mark gives the voice instructions, Jarvis can prepare breakfast and clothing, switch curtains, air conditioners and lamps. After the meal is finished, I have to start working. Mark said: Jarvis, connect me to the video conference, I have to arrange the work now. Soon, the other party's image was sent to Mark.

When the guest visits, Jarvis will confirm the identity in advance and immediately notify Mark. If you need to relax, Mark can let Jarvis turn on the TV or speakers, play the specified audio and video, and even discuss interesting topics together.


Smart technology makes our lives so easy and simple. Looking at the new products developed by Magick Intelligent technology, isn't that a mirror? Oh,no, my god, it is not an ordinary mirror. I can touch the screen,click any place.


Wow ,Can also take pictures


Can also share and email


This is a magical mirror. we called it mirror photo booth.

Want it, come on!